Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Age UK Herefordshire and Worcestershire

Wye Valley Brewery are pleased to present a cheque for £1,280 to our local branch of Age UK, raised through sales of our Pint Bearer monthly special earlier this year. The money raised will be put to good use throughout Herefordshire.

Age UK does great work promoting the wellbeing of older people and aims to help make later-life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. It comes at a particularly good time of year for the charity as elderly people are often in greater need for care and support during the cold winter months. 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Message in a bottle!

Our head brewer Jimmy Swan is pictured below putting our 'message in a bottle' in the foundations of our new brewhouse! The message is a fantastic poem about the brewery by our poet laureate Steve Harris...

We’d like to send a message full of greetings and good cheer
Assuming in the future that mankind’s still drinking beer

You see, we’re on a mission that can’t afford to fail

A never ending battle to make the finest ale

Despite the huge taxation and duty on our booze

The very place you found this note is rather splendid news

To you it’s simply history, a place to dig and delve

But this, our brand new brew house, began in twenty-twelve

Here, Wye Valley Brewery, continued to expand

As Herefordshire’s finest ales are always in demand

The local hops and choice of taste all add to its appeal

The motto of our brewing team is ‘always keep it real’

As our campaign for real ale continues at a pace

We wonder if our future selves have carried on in space

Whilst dreaming that you’ve made it and now travel to the stars

Despite the lack of atmosphere, we hope you still have bars

On the subject of celestial, well heavenly at least

We have a special expert on barley, hops and yeast

Our Dorothy Goodbody is the drinkers favourite Miss

And from your very distant past, she sends you all a kiss.

P.S if you are reading this in just a few years time

Please ignore this message and the rather hopeful rhyme...