Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wye Valley Brewery celebrate growth and record sales

In 2010 Wye Valley Brewery will celebrate their 25th year of brewing, but for now it is toasting record sales. Said Vernon Amor MD of Wye Valley: ‘Cask ale is the star performer in the UK beer market and pubs which offer excellent cask ales are riding the current economic climate far better than those which aren’t. We have grown like for like sales by 24% so far this year. It’s all about quality and provenance, people nowadays are interested in where their food and drink is made, what goes in to it and how far it has to travel before it reaches them. At Wye Valley Brewery we use top quality locally grown hops and have recently teamed up with a local farmer to grow our own Herefordshire barley. We are looking forward to brewing a true Herefordshire beer for our silver anniversary next year.’ Wye Valley Brewery currently employs 30 people and produces over 4.3 millions pints of beer annually. Next year will see major investment to increase capacity and create more local jobs.

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