Friday, 11 December 2009

Brewery Invests in Feature Film

Hereford’s Wye Valley Brewery is investing in A Stranger’s Smile. An independent feature film written and directed by Hereford born and based filmmaker Ian Hudson. The 90 minute film will be shot in HD Digital and go on national release in the autumn of 2010.

A Stranger's Smile is the story of our heroine Elicia, a photographer, who, while shooting a series of street portraits for an exhibition, encounters and photographs writer Aiden Dean. Intrigued by him she follows him to a cemetery where she sees him place flowers on a grave on which is the epitaph ‘Lizzie 1980 to 2008'. Elicia's curiosity draws the reclusive Aiden out of his private world, but by doing so she uncovers a haunting secret about the supposed suicide of his wife Lizzie. Elicia discovers that police detective Antony Myles is still investigating Lizzie's death, believing she was murdered. Also, a warning to Elicia not to get too close to Aiden from Lizzie's friend Martha, adds weight to her growing suspicions about Aiden's involvement in Lizzie's death. Elicia is determined to find out the truth, but her curiosity and her feelings for Aiden, places Elicia's life in jeopardy.

The film’s writer & director Ian Hudson: 'This is an important step towards getting the film made. I instinctively wrote the Wye Valley Brewery’s HPA and Dorothy Goodbody’s Wholesome Stout into the story. They are the drinks the central characters Elicia and Aiden drink on their first date. When I approached Peter Amor (Chairman of Wye Valley Brewery) and Vernon Amor (Managing Director of Wye Valley Brewery), to ask them if it was alright to name their products in the film I aroused their curiosity and they have brought the brewery on board as an official investor.’

'I've been drinking Wye Valley Brewery beers all my adult life, they are the best beers I have every tasted. So this is a natural creative & business opportunity.'

Wye Valley Brewery Chairman Peter Amor: 'I have known Ian Hudson for over 20 years and have seen his career develop, always being impressed with his hard work and attention to detail. He is impressively dedicated to his craft. Having spent time with Ian discussing the project and learning of his vision for the film I am pleased to say that the Wye Valley Brewery is backing him in this venture; that I know will be a success.'

The films official website can be found at

Pictured left Peter Amor, right Ian Hudson.

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