Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New real ale campaign puts real people back in the picture

Wye Valley Brewery is launching a distinctive new advertising campaign that celebrates the social context of real people enjoying a real beer together.

As Jennie Hermolle, Wye Valley Brewery’s Marketing Executive, explains, “When we reviewed current real-ale advertising we discovered a very lonely looking world. Virtually every advert we saw contained a picture of a solitary pint of beer, but rarely any human beings! At Wye Valley Brewery, a great pint is only half the story – enjoying great real ale in a proper pub is all the better when you’re in good company.”

The new campaign, created by Jeff Fuge of the design consultancy Objective Ingenuity, takes its inspiration from the special kind of ‘pub wisdom’ that is unearthed when you take time to sit down with a fresh, satisfying cask-conditioned beer and have a proper conversation with the people around you.

This has been turned into a series of ‘Wye’s Words’ – famous proverbs and sayings rewritten with a distinctive Wye Valley Brewery take on the world. They communicate a ‘real ale, real pub and real life’ message – but not without a good measure of humour. Headlines such as ‘All work and no HPA makes Jack a dull boy’ and ‘A pint in the hand is worth a queue at the bar’ show that the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously.

People respond warmly to the adverts and are keen to suggest their own Wye’s Words for future adverts – so it seems the idea has struck the right chord and will be prove itself to be a very ‘Wye’s move’.

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