Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bronze for Butty Bach Boys

Bromyard's second-ever Hop Festival has been pronounced a 'sparkling success' by organisers.

''We are very lucky to have chosen such a sunny, warm day for the Festival", said Festival chairman Ian Raven. "All aspects of the event were more than well-supported, especially the parade through the town of vintage and horse-drawn vehicles, and also the two performances of our community play about the old hand-picking methods of harvesting the annual crop".

The crowds turned out en masse, with many visitors coming long distances from other regions to discover Bromyard and  join in the fun.  An estimated 3000 spectators lined the town's Broad St and High St for the climax of the day, the Hop Pocket Race invented last year specially  for the first Hop Festival.   A total of twenty teams of runners carrying a full 'hop pocket' (the huge sack used to store dried hops) set off from the Market Square and ran the length of the town before doubling back. The Butty Bach Boys came in third place, beaten only by a team called 'Awesome' and a team of Halo Leisure fitness instructors.

Pictured The Butty Bach Boys.

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