Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bosbury's Best New Hop

Wye Valley Brewery launches a brand new beer, using a brand new local hop.

Dorothy Goodbody’s Bosbury Best is a brand new bottle-conditioned beer, brewed with a brand new hop which has been grown less than 10 miles from the brewery at Townend Farm in Bosbury. Townend Farm is the only grower in Herefordshire to have trialled and produced the variety ‘Cascade’, a hop which is very new to the UK.

In 2007 Mark & Lesley Andrews from Townend Farm identified a trend of brewers using more aromatic hops in their beers and based on this trend they made the decision to invest in trialling ‘Cascade’ hops.  Four years later, in 2011, they went in to full production and were delighted with the results of the 2012 harvest.

Mark Andrews, hop grower from Townend Farm said “This is the first crop of Cascade we have harvested after planting them two years ago, we are looking forward to tasting the beer and to know it is brewed solely with our hops is fantastic!”

Dorothy Goodbody’s Bosbury Best (5.2% ABV) is a bronze-coloured ale, with subtle biscuit, toffee and marmalade flavours and an intense grassy, citrus aroma. This bottled beer will be available to buy from independent shops and the Wye Valley Brewery shop (including the brewery's online shop). 

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