Thursday, 9 January 2014

Brewery Staff getting fitter on the job....

Last year over 120 million days were lost to sickness, and the impact of that - especially in the current economic climate - can be huge. Latest reports suggest the most common problems were minor - like coughs, colds and flu, although the greatest percentage of days were lost to musculoskeletal problems, with stress, depression and anxiety taking second place.

No wonder, then, that more firms than ever are looking at ways to intervene to prevent ill health, reduce workplace stress, and promote staff wellbeing at work.

Wye Valley Brewery is the latest company to sign up to Halo Leisure's corporate membership deal. "We received a really good response to the Halo membership offer. Some 22 staff members at the brewery have signed up so far. It's great to see our employees enjoying the benefits of getting fitter and healthier", says brewery MD Vernon Amor.

Pictured below: members of staff from Wye Valley Brewery and Halo Leisure

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